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Export Sales Management  & Consultancy  serving  the   Brazilian Candy and Foodstuffs Industries


Export Sales and Consultancy  on behalf of Brazilian Industries,  Private label development,  Artworks & labeling made in Brazil,  Kosher or Halal certified products projects,  Private recipes for food preparations,   Purchasing Consultancy related to  Brazilian products,   Logistic´s  Assistance

Main products

Instant Baby cereals and smoothies,  boxed oat flakes

Ball lollipops,  Bubble gum ball pops, Flat round pops,  chewy candies, hard candies,  filled candies, toffee chews,  peanut crunchy bars,  fondant based candy bars, powdered juice drinks in pouches

Hard  or Filled  Lollipops   in   any required size, formulation or flavor,   square vanilla caramels ( type),   premium toffees, mints, single twist wrapped fancy filled candies,  fruity chewy candies.   Bulk or bagged   sugar coated starch jellies (slices, drops, hearts)   heart shapped lollipops,  chewy candies in stick packs, bubble gum filled candies

Other items under request: 

canned SCM, milk powder replacers, refined edible oils, infant formula, Brazil Nuts and Organic Brazil nuts,  Mineral Water, food preparations in Bulk in private formulations.

International   Shows participations history

ISM (Cologne-Germany)

Anuga (Cologne-Germany  1997-2019)  

Sial (Paris-Villepint - France)

Sweets & Snacks Expo(Chicago-USA)

Dubai Foods (UAE).

Saitex  Africa( Johannesburg)

FIA -Algiers,  Filda Angola

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